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Mission RedSlope
Service RedSlope began its work in Moscow in 2016 on the wave of growing interest in domestic tourism in Russia. Our site is a site for safe booking of tourist programs directly from local guides and Local travel agencies all over Russia. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for a cheap and safe holiday in The most beautiful places in Russia, thereby developing domestic tourism and the Russian economy.
In Russia, there are many unique places for a diversified active holiday. Among the known to everyone with School bench - Karelia, Mountainous Altai, Kamchatka peninsula, Caucasus, Lake Baikal, Mount Elbrus and Other popular places. But not every person has visited these picturesque places - our task Change this. There are also less popular directions of tourism inside the page, for example the Republic of Tyva, in Which rested Vladimir Putin, Onega Lake and Lake Seliger, the virgin forests of Komi, Sikhote-Alinsky Reserve, Krasnoyarsk "Stolby", Solovetsky Islands, Ubsunurskaya hollow, Lake Ubsu-Nur on the border With Mongolia and many other amazing places.
We want to reorient the population of Russia from beach tourism to the countries of Europe and Asia for tourism in their Country, to show the beauty of its nature and the vastness of its borders. We have organized the best routes, A rating system of travel programs and their organizers, as well as a customer support service. All these options make us the most convenient, reliable and cheap option for booking a travel program Across Russia.
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